Steve Beirens
Founding Artistic
Co Academy Director

Hannah Dorfmueller
Founding Associate
Co Academy Director

Philosophy of Teaching

As dance professionals we feel it is a duty to pass along to the next generation of dancers the knowledge of technique, artistry, history and methodology with same enthusiasm that we received from our legendary teachers.

We believe the youngest years of dancing are some of the most important. It is in these formidable years that good habits for the fundamentals of dance begin taking shape. Students in the beginning levels are capable of exploring body awareness, spatial awareness, gross motor skills, creative and dramatic artistry, concepts of essential dance movements, rhythm and music. They can practice exercises in strengthening and stretching particular muscles to help condition the body for specific ballet positions as to their training progresses. We believe all of this should be done in a fun and enchanting way to preserve the initial interest that brought the student into the dance studio in the first place.

At all levels our classes are fast paced and energetic. We engage the student by challenging their mind and body beyond what they feel is possible. We encourage students to take ownership of their progress and be proud of their efforts. We give them the knowledge and environment to practice. They do the work.

When we meet a student in the beginning level and above these are the things we analyze:

  • Current age and current skill level
  • Skill level compared to international standards
  • What motivates the student to learn and remember, to practice and progress, to continue dancing, and to spread their joy of dancing with others
  • The student’s goals and what it will take from the student and from the supporting staff to reach this goal
  • The student’s challenges and how to work around them
  • The student’s gifts and how to enhance them

What ever your age, level or goal we are delighted to be a part of your dance journey. We will be your biggest fans rooting you all the way to success. We look forward to helping you take the right dance steps forward.