Steve Beirens
Founding Artistic
Co Academy Director

Hannah Dorfmueller
Founding Associate
Co Academy Director

Open Division

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*All Children’s Division and select Open Division classes will perform in the Student Showcase May 15th

Dancers Age 3 and older are invited to audition for the Performing Ensemble production.

Open Division classes are for ages 6-Adult. Classes are offered in a variety of styles and levels. Students enrolled in the Open Division enjoy the flexibility of choosing their specific classes and styles to accommodate the amount of hours of training they desire while receiving high quality professional instruction. A student in this division may choose to take as many or as few classes as they desire. Open Division Dancers are required to enroll in one Ballet Class before enrolling in any other Dance class.

Ballet 1- Ballet 5

Ballet classes take the student through the study of classical ballet with concentration on technique, fundamental terminology, flexibility, strength and artistry.


Pointe is offered at a beginning/intermediate level and an intermediate/advanced level. Pointe is introduced when dancers demonstrate strenth, knowledge and readiness. A point assessment must be schedule before placement.


Variations class is offered at the intermediate/advanced level. Dancers will learn classical variations from well known ballets.

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Contemporary

Principles of dance technique and good form are developed in contemporary classes. Strength and expression are developed. Focus remains on technique, control and precise of  movement. Dancers work to develop an understanding of shape, space, levels, flow, weight and rhythm as it relates to movement.

Advanced Modern

Principles of all Modern dance techniques are explored. Dancers build advanced quality to their movements and expression of shape, use of space, levels, flow, weight and rhythm.

Stretch & Strengthening

Stretch & Strengthening is offered at two levels of difficulty. This class is specific to developing muscles and flexibility to enhance a dancers performance and build heathy bodies.