Steve Beirens
Founding Artistic
Co Academy Director

Hannah Dorfmueller
Founding Associate
Co Academy Director

Youth American Grand Prix, Universal Ballet Competition, World ballet Competition

Youth American Grand Prix , UBC, WBC competitors are selected by Artistic Directors to represent Le Jeune Dance Academy. A multitude of considerations are taken during the selection process including to participate in all 3 productions, technique levels,  age, artistry, work-ethic, intellectual and emotional maturity.

  • Amelia Legault YAGP 2022 Pre-Competitive Finalist
  • Grace Davis YAGP 2021 Pe-Competitive Finalist
  • Amelia Legault  YAGP 2023 2nd place Pre-Competitive (Indiana Regionals)
  • Viviane Griggs YAGP 2023 2nd place Juniors (Indiana Regionals)
  • Amelia Legault WBC 2023 Preparatory Final Round Finalist 4th place
  • Veronica Somsakhein WBC 2023 Pre-Professional 2nd Round Finalist