La Sylphide




La Sylphide -Act 1
Young Scotsman, James, is about to be married to Effie. The morning of the wedding day, James is dozing in a chair by the fire when a Sylphide appears beside him and wakes him with an airy kiss. The Sylphide playfully dances for James before she vanishes up the chimney.

James greets his lovely bride and her friends. He tries to forget the enchanting Sylphide. Among the wedding party James has a rival, his cousin Gurn, who is also very much in love with Effie. During the preparations for the wedding an old fortune teller, Medge, enters and huddles before the fire, trying to warm himself. James orders him out of the house, but Gurn befriends Medge. Medge reads Effie’s palm and predictions that the young girl will never marry James but will become the wife of Gurn.

When James, confused and unsettled, is left alone again, the Sylphide appears in the window. She tries to convince James to follow her to the forest where she lives. Gurn returns to see James chasing the empty air. He runs to fetch witnesses to James’s irrational behavior.

The wedding festivities begin, and the guests dance an exhilarating Scottish reel. In the midst of this cheerful dance the Sylphide flies across the room, invisible to all but James. He deserts Effie to follow the Sylphide, but she has disappeared. Finally, everything is ready for the ceremony. James is holding the ring with which he is to marry Effie. The Sylphide reappears and swiftly snatches the ring. James follows her out of the house and into the forest. In the meantime, Effie appears to proceed with the wedding ceremony but James is not there. Effie collapses in her mother’s arms with tears. Gurn jubilantly seizes the opportunity to console Effie with care and affection.