Pre Professional Division


Pre-Professional program is for dancers ages 6 and older with the desire to train in a serious and concentrated path towards a professional career. Studies are focuses on classical ballet and modern dance. Students must adhere to their level’s schedule of multiple required classes. Students in the Pre-Professional program are encouraged to be a part of the Performance Ensemble.

Pre-Professional 1-6 and Trainee (Age 6 years+ by skill placement)

Le Jeune Dance Academy is committed to its foundational vision of providing professional-level training to aspiring young dance artists. Students in the Pre-Professional program must attend all required classes.
Le Jeune Dance prepares itsstudents for entry into the professional world of dance through quality training, education, and performance opportunities. Emphasis is placed on each student’s overall goal. It is through the nature of the mental and physical challenge of ballet’s discipline that students develop positive habits, which can help the student excel in all areas of their lives.
The dancer will work to develop critical components of dancing such as flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle memory, discipline, and attention to detail. Le Jeune Dance Academy uses the Vaganova syllabus as its base to guide the student through the proper use of placement and progressive technique, development towards pointe work, suppleness, use of torso, and port de bras. Other ballet mythologies, modern dance and conditioning are introduced to prepare the student for the demands and trends of the 21st century’s ballet and contemporary dance companies. Students receive opportunities for personal advice as they move towards their career goals.